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I’m a wife, mom, stepmom, dog-mom, Crossfit L-1 trainer, and nutrition coach. I have always had a passion for helping people. I am professionally trained as a social worker with a clinical focus. I truly believe every single person has the ability to make healthy changes if they have the right support and coaching on their side.

I have also been in your shoes. I was confused on what it meant to be “healthy,” frustrated not seeing my hard work in the gym pay off, constantly beating myself up for “not getting it right.” I was tired of spinning my wheels and being targeted by quick-fix programs with empty promises.

​What changed? I asked for help and I got educated and I continue to learn and evolve to be the best version of myself and the best coach for you.

Having faced significant adversity in my personal life, I understand that we all need compassion, grace, and understanding in our relationships to succeed. It is the same in my coaching relationships with my clients. My coaching strengths lie in mindset training, goal setting, personalized nutrition plans, and helping athletes understand their true purpose and drive for healthy living.

I take a no BS, practical, compassion-led approach with all of my clients. I look forward to working with you and partnering with you on reaching your goals.

The Purposed Athlete provides individual and group nutrition coaching services specializing in programs for Crossfit athletes, masters athletes, and the overcommitted human being. Erika, forever a social worker at heart, takes a client-centered approach that allows you to take control of your nutrition, not let it take control of you. Erika believes that everyone can master their nutrition, given the right nutrition education, personal insight, compassion, and practical solutions, and understanding their purpose!

“I’m not an athlete, can you help me?”

I get a lot of questions framed in various forms of:

“Do you only work with athletes?”
“I’m not an athlete, can this work for me?”

And I get it, I mean, the word “athlete” is in my business name! But let me tell you why!

When I first started my coaching biz, I was primarily working with members of my CrossFit box toward their nutrition goals. These members weren’t always former or current athletes or looking to compete. These people were your average busy human who wanted to get fit for life.

In speaking with many of them, frequent comments were made about how they never considered themselves athletic or strong, but now they feel that way! And my heart wanted to burst in excitement for that. They felt like “ATHLETES.”

So, in my book, If you stand, squat, pick up your dog, groceries or kids/grandkids, you are an athlete.

The “Purposed” part came in when I really started to consistently implement the “5 why” exercise (I have a blog post on that). I noticed my clients, including myself, began to thrive and find inner determination when their true WHY became known and communicated with others.

So I took both words that I found so much value, combined them, and bam… 

The Purposed Athlete was born.

Fast Facts

I am your pint-sized extroverted CrossFit trainer and nutrition coach 

People tell me I look like Michelle Rodriguez but I identify most with the character Sheryl Yoast from Remember the Titans

Quarantine was really, really hard on me

You’ll rarely find me in a dress but I always have my nails done

My music library is an eclectic mix of 90s hip hop, new and old country, and 80s pop

My French Bulldogs, Gus & Milo, are my bffs and boyfriends, my husband knows and accepts this

I’ve always been more comfortable in tennis shoes and on a ballfield than anywhere else

Casual breakfast over fancy dinner anytime. Pancakes and waffles? Yes please!

I’ve recently taken up paddleboarding and I’m hooked!

Self-care looks like bubble baths, a long nap, and laughing til I cry with friends

If I have your phone number, I have probably sent you a Bitmoji, meme or GIF as a method of communication

Teachers, I’m sorry. Moving my desk never helped, I was that kid that would talk to anybody…I still will

Myers-Briggs ESFJ (the counselor)

Enneagram Type 1, Wing 2

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