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My name is Eric and I am 51 years old. I reached out to Erika after five years of Crossfit training when grew frustrated with my progress. I wanted to get more athletic and to be able to train hard six days a week. Erika does not resort to gimmick diets. You get a balanced diet plan which she will modify over time based on your feedback on hunger, performance and recovery and based on how the scale responds. After a month on her plan I had a six pack for the first time in my life at the age of 49. I leaned out considerably and felt more athletic in the gym. Hydrostatic testing confirmed that I lost a considerable amount of body fat and replaced it with lean muscle. Best of all Erika 's advice is something you will always keep. Even when I am not tracking my calories now I eat much better. I would recommend Erika because of her consistent track record of success. I know a dozen other athletes who have all benefited tremendously. For me it was being accountable to her on weekly calls that made all the difference. Now, when I order a sandwich and skip the chips I think "Erika would be proud of me."

eric, age 51

I started working with Erika in 2018, when I was 49. I joined CrossFit in 2017 just to see if I’d enjoy a new workout regimen. Yes, it was great, and I started getting stronger. The bad part was that I also started gaining weight; I didn’t want that! Everyone said the solution was nutrition, but I didn’t have a good plan, or even enough self-control to stick to a bad plan. So I talked to Erika, our local nutrition coach, and I liked her approach. I signed up without any real numbers in mind, just hoping that I’d lose some weight and cut down my general flabbiness.

It started slowly, but my weight began to creep down. Every week she called me with patient encouragement to stay the course and be consistent with my nutrition. About 6 months in I had to move down in clothing sizes. Then, as more months wore on, I was still dropping weight. I had started at 151 pounds, and watched it dip below 130. Honestly, I haven’t weighed that little since I was 15, and I had to buy some new clothes a second time. All this took about a year, and since I was still doing CrossFit workouts, I only gained muscle in the process.

Since that year I’ve stayed on Erika’s maintenance plan for me and I haven’t gained back any weight; in fact, I’ve lost a few more pounds. My only fuss is that she didn’t show up in my life when I was younger. I can’t recommend her program strongly enough and I say that based on pure experience. There’s plenty of great-sounding nutritional ideas floating around, but you want to do something that works in real life. Well, that’s Erika.

donna, age 52

My goal when I started working with Erika was to learn how to fuel my body properly with the right amount and type of food for not only my everyday life, but more importantly while I was working out. At the time I didn’t realize how much I was starving my body of what it desperately needed to get me through a workout and ultimately through each day. I was getting frustrated at the gym because I wasn’t making progress toward the goals I set for myself.

I learned that it’s okay to eat and eat a lot as long as it’s the right food that can be used to fuel myself properly for workouts. I have seen such great improvements in my overall well-being, health, attitude, and the way my body functions on a daily basis. Since working with Erika and learning how to eat properly for my CrossFit workouts, I’ve reached many of my fitness goals and I am now setting goals I never thought were obtainable. My body recovers a lot quicker from my workouts and I’m seeing my body transform because I have a plan that I’m sticking to.

I recommend Erika to everyone I can because I want everyone to know how to fuel their bodies for not only the gym but for each and every day. Working with Erika has made such an impact on my life and family, I’m truly grateful. Ultimately, I want everyone to succeed by hitting their goals and this is an amazing tool to get there.

cassie, age 37

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